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Mechanical and electrical installations

One of a building’s fundamental demands is its facilities. Among the most fundamental human rights in the fields of knowledge and construction are the provision of heating and cooling, the requirement for ventilation, the provision of sanitary water and the disposal of sewage, the arrangement for the use of electrical devices, lighting the environment, and the capacity to handle potential dangers like fire. On the other hand, the task and significance of constructing facilities from the perspective of defining new systems with high efficiency, construction cost, and low energy consumption, weighs against the more valuable energy sources that are available, the expansion of the construction industry, the rise in construction costs, and the necessity of creating comfortable conditions.
Establishing the building facilities design plan, which includes designing the mechanical and electrical systems from the ground up and implementing the structural and architectural designs first, facilitates the easier and more deliberate progress of other design elements. This avoids the possibility of errors and inconsistencies that could result in excessive expenses. The employer will profit from having correct maps pertaining to this topic because of the size of the building facilities. However, the tenants of the building will be guaranteed peace of mind if legal norms and regulations are followed, as well as if a professional design map is provided in the future.
The goal of the Satrap Company’s facilities department is to meet these needs by adhering to new technologies and standards, as well as by utilizing the expertise of its professionals in the field of mechanical and electrical facilities for office, commercial, residential, educational, sports, medical, and other environments. The department has been active in this regard and has always benefited from optimal, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.