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Building and execution services

There are various approaches to project implementation, and there are benefits and drawbacks to each. It should be mentioned that the conditions of the project should determine which approach is selected. The vision and mission of the organization, as well as its internal and external factors, should be taken into consideration when determining different types of strategies at the macro level of any economic enterprise or business. Long-term goals and strategy types should then be set in accordance with these considerations. Effective ones are scrutinized and chosen, which eventually led to the business’s success.
After roughly thirty years of operation, Satrap Company has evolved from determining an effective strategy to providing justification plans and feasibility reports for various employers. Today, the company manages all types of construction projects, including contract management, design and engineering, and implementation. Its mission now includes industrial and building initiatives.
Satrap’s long-term strategy is to find projects in Iran and other nations that have a competitive edge in the international market. In this regard, it attempts to investigate the ideas that employers have in their minds when creating distinctive buildings, with the assistance of expert experts from various disciplines and with the goals of enhancing the aesthetics of architecture and urban landscapes, lowering construction costs, and safeguarding the interests of employers. And carry out his responsibilities as the technical and financial trustee of the employer by making the best decisions and producing work of the appropriate caliber.
He notes that the credibility of employers’ and users’ satisfaction will be the key to our success going forward. We think that with the Satrap family’s patience and perseverance, we will forge new paths and make a lasting impression because working together creates synergy and increases value for all stakeholders.