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About Satrap

As a specialized and active business in the construction sector, Satrap Construction and Installation Company has established the goal of its operations in the field of building unique projects for residential, commercial, and office usage.

Satrap has created the following strategic plans for the implementation of safe, effective, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing buildings for customers in keeping with its vision and with the intention of generating value for shareholders, customers, and buyers:

establishing a well-known brand via the design, construction, and implementation of unique projects using high-quality and unique materials for commercial, office, residential, and service purposes in order to boost shareholder earnings, preserve peace of mind, and protect the rights of consumers and buyers.

1. Building the company’s brand and reputation as a trustworthy name in the construction sector, drawing in both domestic and foreign investment and involvement in the technical engineering disciplines.

2. Drawing in more expert personnel and advancing and disseminating organizational knowledge via focused training.

3. Diversity in geography in production while preserving attention on current competitive advantages.

4. A strong online presence across borders through partnerships and foreign investment.

5. Modifying the organization’s structure in order to transform it into a holding company for construction projects by taking part in the creation of specialized subsidiaries, market engineering firms, design firms, and companies that supply building materials.

6. Creating revenue and making a tidy profit through appropriate investment in order to

7. Establishing an appropriate framework to enable the involvement of more skilled and dedicated personnel in the nation’s civil development scene.

8. Preserving, maintaining, and making the most use of the facilities, skills, and resources already available for construction.

9. Development of the business’s role in establishing the groundwork for environmental preservation and human welfare.

10. Fostering employment opportunities in the civil engineering sector, advancing national development, and supporting deprivation policies all while safeguarding stockholders’ interests.

11. Implementing innovative techniques and solutions in executive affairs of building and civil projects.

12. Joining the market of the Tehran Stock Exchange.

13. Providing a thorough framework for managing human resources to raise employee happiness, skill, and knowledge.

Satrap Construction and Facilities Company is a dynamic, detail-oriented organization that strives to offer engineering and contracting services for the implementation of projects at the highest level to its esteemed employers and within specific frameworks. The company draws on more than two decades of experience in the nation’s construction industry. Take part in projects with other investors, contractors, and consultants.

By adhering to professional ethics, applying cutting-edge technical expertise combined with creativity and innovation, and ensuring the interests of the employer, our organization is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of its services. Using cutting-edge technologies while also adhering to implementation facilities in every project is one of this company’s objectives while offering services.

Satrap’s name is still associated with the construction business, which serves as a reminder of the high caliber and precision of the technical advice provided during the building process, as well as the meticulous oversight of the project’s execution and the confidence of all project participants. As a result, managers and staff members of their organization are dedicated to upholding and improving the reputation of this name.