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CEO's speech

In the name of wisdom’s and the world’s ruler

We have nearly three decades of executive expertise in our background thanks to his attention, as well as the knowledgeable and diligent shareholders, managers, and staff of the large and well-known Satrap family. For this, I am eternally thankful and glad.

satrap family; It has the success of using the divine right and belief in divine values and using the large capital of specialized and devoted human resources and possessing specialized machines with numerous rankings 1 in different ranks, in establishing employment and business. Should be actively involved in the construction of the Islamic country.

Effective collaboration with other competent businesses and the creation of synergy for the growth of the business market and professional presence in both domestic and international domains are key components of the Satrap Company’s strategy. Additionally, it regards itself as dedicated to putting into practice project management standards, a quality management system, safety and the environment, speed and accuracy, and fulfilling social obligations. By utilizing knowledge and technology, it hopes to win over reputable employers, consultants, and stakeholders alike. It is now the main priority, who uses the newest, most specialized equipment and tools to consistently improve performance, boost productivity, and increase efficiency. The company’s management is confident that it can become one of the best and most prestigious firms in the field of building and developing the Islamic homeland by utilizing the inventiveness and creativity of driven and youthful labor forces, drawing on the invaluable experiences of seasoned construction professionals, and upholding the customer-oriented principle. Play a part at all times.

We are always grateful for the genuine efforts and devotion of every member of the large Satrap family, who over the years have grown both the Satrap and themselves via their tenacity and drive. We are constantly building, and we will be pleased with the results.

Be persistent

Mohammad Javad Ghaibi