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Satrap managers attended a Management and Business Professional Training Tour to Europe – France and Germany
On October 31, 2022, at the International Business School (ISG) in Paris, the professional business and management training tour in Europe got underway with the theme “Examining the Challenges of International Business Contracts”.

Many specialist issues in the fields of management and international trade were covered in this course.
Important considerations for settling legal disputes arising from international commercial contracts and legitimate arbitration centers, as well as the identification of European reference courts to be used in commercial lawsuits and international commercial contracts, as well as significant aspects of Incoterms 2020 laws in international commercial contracts, revision laws, successors introduced, termination provisions and their implications in international commercial contracts, necessary cases involving force majeure, the principles of writing and the sequence in which legal articles are written in contracts, the proper use of specialized legal words in the texts, and the parties’ signatures.

Additionally, about the process of managing exports in the global market, taxation, familiarity with German customs and port laws, economics and trade taxes, the use of digital currencies and money transfers in accordance with international trade laws, strategies for boosting sales, strategies for communicating with businesses regarding the kind of goods, pricing strategies based on target markets, strategies for dealing with competitors in global markets in accordance with common international trade laws, optimal management techniques, organizational behaviors, kaizen, and the process of creating business models and plans One of the other subjects covered in this training session was work.

At this time, deputy CEO and technical engineers of Satrap Saeed Ghaibi and Hadi Delavari with manager and official representative of Satrap Mustafa Sharaf were present in Iraq.